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Car Rental in Suceava

Suceava: once the capital of the Medieval Principality of Moldavia, Suceava is a place rich in history and culture. In particular, in the whole Bukovina district where Suceava is located, there are eight churches recognised as UNESCO World Heritage monuments.

Interesting places which are worth visiting:

  • Fortress of Suceava: built by Prince Petru II of Moldavia in the 14th century to defend city from Ottomans. Although Fortress of Suceava has endured serious damages over the years you can still find many well-preserved elements from the past.
  • Cacica Salt Mine: located some 40 kilometres away from Suceava this place is a must visit as you can find out how salt is produced.  It is highly suggested to take a tour in one of the 8,200 tunnels of this enormous site and check yourself the various stages of salt production.
  • Hanul Domnesc (Princely Inn): is probably the oldest building in Suceava, used to be a place where nobility of the time gathered to entertain themselves. Do not miss to visit the Bukovina Ethnography Museum which is located within the building if you wish to discover Suceava’s rich history.
  • Monasteries of Bukovina: Bukovina region is well known for the churches. Most of them are being constructed in Byzantine architectural style, having unique exteriors with painted murals which are dated back to the 16th century. The most famous of Bukovina’s monasteries is considered the Voronet Monastery which is only a 30 minute-drive from Suceava.

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