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Car Rental in Sibiu

Sibiu: if you wish to explore Transylvania, the so famous region of Romania, Sibiu is the best place to be. Sibiu has been lately emerged as a very popular tourist destination. It is nicknamed ‘The City with Eyes’ due to the iconic houses with eyes which are located in Sibiu’s historical city centre.

Interesting places which are worth visiting:

  • The old city of Sibiu: next to Cibin River, it consists of two different boroughs with regards to social class and culture of their people: The Upper Town which used to be inhabited by the wealthier people of Sibiu and the Lower Town, traditionally home to people working in industries and manufacture.
  • The Lutheran Cathedral of Saint Mary: this Gothic-style church is the highlight of the city.  The four turrets situated on top of the steeple used to be a warning for foreigners that the town had the right to sentence to death. The organ of this church has also a long history. The first one was built in 1585 and being replaced in 1671. Today the newer organ is the largest in South East Europe. During the summer, there are concerts every Wednesday night.
  • The Bridge of Lies: a spectacular bridge which is the first cast iron bridge built in Romania and the second one built in Europe. The Bridge of Lies has many legends surrounding its name. The most popular legend is that the bridge will collapse when someone tells a lie while standing on it. Despite all the legends, its name might have a different origin. The bridge was initially called Liegenbrücke which sounds very similar to Lügenbrücke, meaning "bridge of lies" in German.
  • The Brukenthal National Museum: established in the late 18th century it is a complex of six museums (The Museum of Arms and Hunting Trophies, The Museum of Natural History, The Museum of Pharmacology, The Museum of History, The Brukenthal Library, The Art Galleries). There is no doubt that museum - enthusiasts will have a memorable experience there.

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