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Rhodes, the so called "Pearl of the Mediterranean" is one of the most interesting islands of the Aegean Sea not only for its natural beauty but also for its archaeological treasures.

It is the biggest island in the Dodecanese and is considered as one of the most beautiful resorts of world wide publicity, it is gifted with many natural beauties and fairly it has been nominated as a "tourist heaven" due to the fact that the holidays here are not kept only into summer through the long lasting sunlight and shine.

Here, the visitor can choose it holiday form: The intensive life and the luxury of a well-organized hotel or the peacefulness and serene of a small, traditional offshore or mountainous village. The island has a perfect road net that helps the exploration even of the most distant place.

The History and Archaeology lovers will find many important monuments in the entire island, symbols of the civilization developed.

The island's medieval face is fortressed behind an impressive wall-castle and harmonically joins with the lordly and cosmopolitan atmosphere of a modern resort while a walk inside this city with the characteristic, imposing buildings of the 15th century and the tiled alleys with the arches and the arcades fascinates every visitor.

The best start for an acquaintance with the medieval Rhodes is its Walls while crossing one of the most famous gates, the Gate of Liberty you will see the traces of Aphrodite's Temple of the 3rd century b.C., the lodging of the Overni's Knights and the Arms Depot, the Museum of Decorative Arts and the Byzantine museum hosted in a church of the 13th century and the glorious Gate of the Port.

The Archaeological port hosted at the Knights Hospital contains rare collections of coins, vessels and sculptures from the Mycenaean until the Romaic Era and among them distinguish the Aphrodite of Rhodes on Her Knees statue and the Tomb Stone of Tymarista and Krito.

Following the Knights Avenue that was the official road of the Medieval City we observe the four saved Lodgings of the Knights of the Sevel Languages and through the Ancient Road we reach the Palace of the Great Magistres. Here are impressive the ancient mosaic floors from Kos Island and the Collection of West Art Furnitures of the 16th and 17th century and the Stoa that was the gathering place and the monumental entrance to the palace.

Other beautiful site in the old city is the Mosque of Shoulehiman, an old church with an interesting Italian-made portal. Kastelania with its beautiful fountain that today hosts the Library, the Admiralty Palace and the Folklore Dance Theater.

The visit to the yacht's port in Mandraki is charming. It is the most pictorial from the tree ports of the ports of the city. Two Coppery Deer welcome you at the place where, according to the myth, was the famous Colossus of Rhodes and next to it the pharos-tower of Agios Nicolaos and the three scenic windmills.

Here you will find the New Market and the Archiepiscopal Church of the Evangelism while further are seen the Stadium and the interesting of its square shape Odeum where every summer ancient Drama acts are taking place.

Only 3 km. from the city of Rhodes there is the verdurous Park of Rhodinio with the many florescents, the scenic alleys and the small lakes while you can also visit the Ptolemeous Tomb and the relics of the Romaic Aquaduct.

Lindos city was the second most important center of the island after Rhodes city during the medieval period. Under Acropolis rock is built the today's village with the snow-white houses and backyards with shingles that preserve the traditional internal decoration and the external with the iron railings at the balconies and the brown windows. The Church of Theotokos and the tabernacle of Agios Pavlos also worth your visit.

After the main entrance to the Acropolis earmark the remains of the historic Residency of the Knights and the Byzantine Stoa of Agios Ioannis.

After you cross the Dorian Stoa of the 5th century with the 42 columns a gallant ladder leads you to the tumulus with the relics of the Propylaea and from there you pass to the Temple of Lindia Goddess with the fine amphiprostyle temple at the edge of the rock and the remains of the Ancient Theatre.

At the east coast of Rhodes there are many other interesting spots each should visit such as Faliraki, this cosmopolitan resort with the splendid beach and the 7 impossing Springs, a real oasis with pines, platens and springs with crystal clear waters.

At the west coast of the island there is the verdurous Valley Of The Butterflies. Milions of butterflies are swarm here every summer. With the faintest sound they spurt at bevies from the leafages of the trees creating a rare sight that touches every visitor.

An excursion at the mountainous hinterland with the marvelous and completely traditional villages that survive despite the effects of the cosmopolitan resorts is necessary. Beginning from the pine and beech verdurous Monastery of Agios Syllas and after a captivating and verdant route you reach to Profitis Ilias with the homonymous scenic monastery and the panoramic view to the sea while afterwards you will discover idyllic villages scrambled on the top of the hills or on smooth slopes  with rocky, limy or mealy houses. Villages like Apollonas, Agios Isidoros, Empona, Laerma, Asklipio, Mesanagros, psinthos and Salakos, each one with its own elegance will remain traced on your memories with the good-natured and hospitable faces of the citizens.

Swimming at the numerous beaches of Rhodes with the limpid and crystal clear waters is a reassure. Kallithea, Faliraki, Afandou, Kolmpia, Tsampika, Agia Agathi, Charaki and Plymmiri are only some of the beautiful beaches of Rhodes. At the most of them the sports lovers will have the chance to play tennis, golf, ski or surfing.

Rhodes has also an intensive night life. Bars, discotheques, music halls and one casino guarantee moments of unique pleasure.

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