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Car Rental in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is one of the smallest European capitals. It’s never crowded – but also never boring. 50,000 university students give it its youthful appeal, and as an economic and cultural hub of Slovenia, it has a lot to offer to locals and visitors alike.

This town is colorful, it’s lively, it’s compact, it’s very photogenic, and there are more dragons here than museums.

The dragon is the symbol of the city. Legend has it that Ljubljana was founded by the Greek mythological hero, Jason, and the Argonauts. While travelling towards home with the Golden Fleece, Jason encountered a dragon in the marshy swamps of what is now Ljubljana. He fought and killed the dragon and now you can see the dragon on the Ljubljana coat of arms.

There are a lot of theories as to how Ljubljana got its name. In Slavic, ljub- means to love or like, so Ljubljana may have been named for being one of Slovenia’s beloved cities.

The Ljubljianica River

The Ljubljianica River flows through the vibrant, colorful old town. One block off the river is Mestni trg, Stari trg, and Gornji trg, more historic pedestrian streets and squares to explore. Some of the best restaurants and boutique shops are located here.


Preseren Square

Prešeren Square is the central square. It is part of the old town's pedestrian zone and a major meeting point, where festivals, carnival, concerts, sports, political, and protest events take place. The bright pink Franciscan Church of the Annunciation dominates the square and forms the backdrop for many photos in Ljubljana.