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Car Rental in Iasi

Iasi is one of the biggest cities of Romania, situated in the north-east part of the country. Built on 7 hills, just like Rome, it is a picturesque city, with nice architecture and dreamy, green landscapes. Throughout the history, Iasi has been the spiritual and cultural core of Moldavia, one of the historical regions of Romania.

Union Square. Situated right in the heart of the city, the Union Square (Piata Unirii) was the obvious choice to start this list. It’s a central meeting point for both tourists and locals. This square has a deep historic meaning. On 24 of January 1859, on this very site the Romanian people performed the first dance of unity, symbol of the newly accomplished Union of Wallachia and Moldavia. The square is dominated by the imposing statue of Al. I. Cuza, the first ruler of the United Romanian Principalities. Remember his name, we’re going to visit his residence next, then his tomb a bit later.

The Union Museum. You will find the Union Museum (Muzeul Unirii) just a few minutes away of the Union Square. Totally ignoring the fact that I said I’ll stop the history lessons (sike), you should know that the building that houses the museum has been the last residence of Prince Al. I. Cuza between the years 1859-1862. Later on, for another brief period of time, it became the royal residence of King Ferdinand.

Elisabeth Esplanade. Also known as The Yellow Slope, Elisabeth Esplanade (Esplanada Elisabeta) is a semicircular construction, consisting of two monumental stairways on each side, connected by a terrace at the top. Stories linked to this place go back in time even further than the moment the Elisabeth Esplanade was built (which was the beginning of 20th century). This spot was used as a meeting point by a pair of very famous lovers. The two love birds were Mihai Eminescu (Romania’s national poet) and his sweetheart, Veronica Micle.

The Hall of Lost Footsteps. The Hall of Lost Footsteps (Sala Pasilor Pierduti) is located inside Al. I. Cuza University, the oldest university in the country. The Hall of Lost Footsteps is hardly ever mentioned in any travel guide of Iasi, but it is a well-known place among locals. As the name suggests, it is a long hallway, where you can find 19 murals painted by a renowned Romanian painter, Sabin Balasa. The murals depict Romanian legends and universal myths, as well as cultural references, in a cosmic manner, using a lot of vibrant shades of blue. The last category is represented mainly by illustrations of Eminescu’s world of poetry.

Botanical Garden. Iasi’s Botanical Garden (Gradina Botanica) is the largest and oldest in Romania. In addition to the classic gardens and greenhouses that you usually find in other places, this particular one also has a pond and beautiful designs for the exhibits, like zoomorphe topiaries. It is a place of beauty, peace and quiet where you can go in a sunny day for a long walk.

Copou Park. Copou Park (Parcul Copou) is the oldest public park in Iasi. This park is the main reason why you should visit Iasi around June. As you walk down the alleys, you can see among other types of trees, like maple and ash trees, a lot of linden trees. You will definitely smell them too! For me, seeing them in bloom in Iasi is a somewhat similar to seeing blooming cherry trees in Japan. It’s a visual and olfactory heaven. One in particular, situated in the center of the park, caughts the eye. It is Eminescu’s Linden Tree, named after the lovey dovey guy we mentioned before, who used to sit in its shade and write his highly acclaimed romantic poems.

Palace of Culture. The Palace of Culture (Palatul Culturii) is truly a masterpiece, inside and outside. Combining three architectural styles (Romantic, Neo-gothic and Neo-baroque), it’s definitely the most impressive landmark of Iasi. The palace houses not one, but four museums: History Museum, Art Museum, Ethnographic Museum and Science & Technical Museum. Besides the permanent exhibitions, there are many other temporary exhibits brought to the public eye throughout the year.

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